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Birthdate:Feb 12
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Graham Sigmund Montague, born February 12, 1979, is the only child of Sigmund Montague, a businessman, and Lydia Montague, a contributor to Witch Weekly Magazine. Graham developed a close relationship with his mother, but not so much with his father, who traveled for business for weeks at a time. Graham wished he could see more of his father, and he cherished every minute that his father made for him.

The Montagues were wealthy and they saw no reason to have another child once they produced a male heir from their first conception. Sigmund and Lydia were proud of their pureblood lineage and forbade Graham to interact with muggles or muggleborn families. Graham was trained by private tutors growing up, though intellectually he was only slightly above average. When he was nine, his mother hired a private flying coach so that Graham could get a jumpstart on playing Quidditch, a sport he had become obsessed with when his father took him to a match for his sixth birthday (which was Graham's happiest memory of his father). Unfortunately for Graham, he was forced to take piano lessons from age six through eleven, and he was delighted that his piano lessons reprieve came with his Hogwarts letter.

Unsurprisingly, Graham was sorted into Slytherin house when he first arrived at Hogwarts in September of 1990. Graham was mostly quiet and rarely initiated conversation with anyone except his closest friends. Academically, Graham performed average in most of his classes, but from his first year Professor Snape noted that he had a gift in the art of potionmaking. Throughout his Hogwarts career, Graham maintained passing grades in all of his classes and excelled in potions. He also made the Slytherin quidditch team in his second year as reserve chaser; by his third year he was starting chaser, and in his fifth year he was made Captain when Marcus Flint left Hogwarts.

The War
A few days before the Battle of Hogwarts, Graham returned home to tend to his mother, who had developed a life-threatening case of Dragonpox. When he received word from his house-elf, Dingy, that a battle was raging at Hogwarts, Graham returned to his school to try to help his friends-- but he was too late. By the time he arrived, Harry Potter had already defeated Voldemort. Graham celebrated the students' victory with his classmates, that was until Professor Slughorn pulled him aside. Slughorn led him across the courtyard to the body of a fallen Death Eater. Confused, Graham asked Slughorn why he was showing him this slain body, but when Professor Slughorn removed the Death Eater's mask, Graham did not believe what he saw: his father. Slughorn tried to comfort Graham, but Graham shrugged him off, demanding to know who had taken his father's life. Slughorn, still in shock from seeing his former student Riddle and all of the damage that he had caused, confessed that it was "a muggleborn student. Ravenclaw or Gryffindor-- not sure which house."

At that moment, Graham vowed to himself that he would somehow avenge his father's death.

During his seventh year at Hogwarts, Graham was heavily scouted by the captains from the Falmouth Falcons and the Appleby Arrows. Both teams offered him high salary contracts and a starting position, however, Graham chose the Falcons once he learned their motto: "Let us win, but if we cannot win, let us break a few heads."

For the first year after the battle, Graham returned home to live with his grieving mother at their family's estate. She asserted that she did not know that her husband was a Death Eater, though he had been vocal about his disdain for wizarding blood that was not pure. At first, Graham took all of his pent-up anger out on the Quidditch pitch, breaking team rookie records for both goals scored per game and number of keepers knocked out per season.

After his first season, he moved into his own flat in Falmouth with his purebred pitbull, Maximus, quietly enjoying the attention he received from fans who wanted his autograph (and fans who wanted far more than his autograph). He's kept in touch with only one or two of his Hogwarts classmates and when he's not on the pitch or having drinks at a local pub, he's keeping fit by running and weightlifting. Dating-wise, Graham never made any long-term commitments to anyone; he asserted that he was too busy and Quidditch always came first. For now, the occasional (or more frequent) fling was certainly enough to keep him satisfied.

Ever since Graham caught whispers of a new dark uprising a few months ago, it's all he could think about. If these whispers were to come true, Graham would do his part to avenge his father's death. He's already set on putting his advanced potioneering skills to good use by inventing a potion that would ensure wizarding blood purity once and for all.

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